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Truth always brings the best results and for this reason all staff at Appliances Repair Pitt Meadows is honest to the clients and provide excellent assessments, outstanding repair services and exceptional quality repair parts. The customer is entitled to know the condition of his appliances and we are obliged to offer the best services, information and spares. You can trust that any appliance repair service is carried out by the most competent and well-trained technicians and with the best equipment on the market. 

The film industry is highly developed in British Columbia making the Vancouver region one of the greatest areas for film production in North America. Many films have been shot in Pitt Meadows due to its lovely natural surroundings.

The departments of our company are actually autonomous in regard to their equipment and human force but all technicians are properly trained to provide top quality home appliance repair and services for all commercial appliances. Our professionals are chosen among the best of the country and they can handle with speed difficult cases and small appliance repair, the maintenance of fridges and dryers, the repairs of garbage disposals or commercial freezers. 

Appliances Repair Pitt Meadows provides full services and is here for your questions and immediate solutions to all appliances related problems.

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Appliances Repair Pitt Meadows  (604)-757-3506 

19164 McMyn Rd  

Pitt Meadows BC V3Y 2J3

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